Green Building Concepts

A green building is an environmentally sustainable building, designed, constructed and operated to minimize the total environmental impacts.

The concept of Green Building concentrates mainly on two points:

  • Increasing the efficiency with which buildings use energy, water and materials
  • Reducing building impacts of human health and the environment, through better site selection, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal throughout the complete life cycle.

The increase of fuel costs in 1970’s along with the concern for environment kindled the awareness and encouragement towards Green Buildings. Architects and ecologists started looking for solutions like reflective roofing materials, triple-glazed windows to achieve energy savings. But with the decrease of fuel prices, the Green movement was slowed down and did not receive much encouragement. It was later in early 90’s that the movement got kick start and awareness began to spread about need for sustainable buildings. An official Green home building program started in Austin, Texas in 1991.  The movement has gradually gained momentum since then and we can now find significant changes in the newer buildings.

Material and Resources

Sustainable construction material are chosen keeping in mind various characteristics like zero or low toxicity, high recyclability, zero or low off gassing of harmful air emissions, durability, reused and recycled content, sustainably harvested material.

Dimensional planning and other material efficiency strategies are used to reduce the construction costs. Construction and demolition material can be reused and recycled for e.g. inert demolition material can be used as base course for landfills.

Proper planning for managing materials through deconstruction, demolition and construction is done. Efficient planning of utilities to minimize

Utilization of rapidly renewable materials, such as bamboo flooring, wool carpets, strawboard, cotton ball insulation (made from denim scrap), genuine linoleum flooring, or poplar oriented-strand board (OSB). Using rapid renewable helps reduce the use and depletion of finite raw material.

Use of materials that are available locally is preferred over materials that need to be brought from distant places. It saves transportation costs. Also, alternative materials that can be generated from waste with lesser energy is used over conventional building materials.

Credits: EngineersGarage

Monsoon Blinds for Windows & Balconies

Have you had to deal with harsh monsoon rain and winds at your place? Where you forced to compromise on the quality of exteriors of your place because of unpredictable weather conditions? To put an end to all these dilemmas, why not try out the latest and the best of monsoon blinds from Matts Corner.

With the changing weather patterns across your place, it is important that you have the right blinds at your place. The idea is not just to give an aesthetic and royal look to your place but to provide your place an added protection against water, wind, dust and other external weather elements. When you try out blinds for your windows and balconies you will realize how important a decision you have just taken. You will realize that you have just made a wise investment that will live to serve you for many years to come!

Expect a lot of variety in blinds for windows and balconies When you contact Matts Corner with your blinds requirements expect nothing but variety and quality. That’s not all; we take care to see that your budgetary requirements are also taken care of. We make sure to use only the best of fabrics and PVC materials in making our products so you are sure to get the best possible service from them. Some of the blind types you can look forward to using at your place include – Venetian blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, wooden blinds and roller blinds.

What makes our window blinds special?

Windows blinds need to be tough and strong no matter where they are intended to be used. Our blinds will provide you exactly that. You can easily employ them at your place and ensure your protection from all kinds of weather conditions. Besides guarding your place against water, our blinds are useful in preventing dust particles and winds in passing through your place whilst allowing light to pass through it comfortably.

Whether you are choosing motorized blinds or a manual one, you can be rest assured of having them customized to suit your requirements. Our outdoor PVC blinds are easy to handle and can be repaired easily should you find problems in them.

Why choose Matts Corner?

When there are lots of choices before you, it becomes easier to take a decision. Similarly, when you are shopping for blinds, you may confront lots of choices. But it so easy to choose Matts Corner – the undisputed MARKET leader! Here’s why…

  • We are among the most experienced providers in the market today with over two decades of service experience backing us to the core
  • Have the experience of providing blinds for all occasions and multinational companies
  • Ability to provide customized and budget-friendly blinds and screens with fast turnaround
  • Usage of best-in-class and proven acrylic fabrics and PVC materials in developing our products
  • All our products are eco-friendly and have been designed and developed in line with ‘Green building’ concepts

Where can you find us?

You will find us just about everywhere, at a dealer near you. We have our presence across a number of countries, including Pan India, Bangladesh, Middle East Countries, Seychelles, Mauritius, Africa – South Africa and many more. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want more information about us or our products. We will be glad to provide you all information you need.

PVC Blinds – Manufacturing, Extrusion & Weaving

With over two decades of experience in blinds and screen industry, Matts Corner is clearly the leader whom you can trust for your blinds requirement. What separates us from rest of the providers is our ability to understand your requirement and provide products in accordance with it. When you choose PVC exterior blinds, you are not just making a purchase but you are making an investment – An investment that is going to serve you for many years to come. [/vc_column_text]

Our exterior blinds are available to you in different varieties; further reiterating our commitment to providing excellent choices to our customers. It does not matter what type of blind you need, you are sure to find matching your needs with us! While you always have an option to visit our facility and check out the options in blinds that are before you, you can also check out exterior blinds online. We employ only the best and proven manufacturing, extrusion and weaving practices available to the industry in getting your products designed and developed for your applications. Our machinery and technology that aid us in having these products made for you are latest and sophisticated.

Characteristics of our blinds that is sure to serve you well!

  • Is designed and built to provide you privacy at all times
  • Can be operated manually so you are in full control of blinds and how you use it
  • Is made available to you in different materials, designs and colors. You get to choose what suits your décor the best
  • Made of PVC materials that are known for strength, long-lastingness and durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Perfect for all kinds of windows and balconies
  • Budget-friendly

Plenty of choices before you!

Whether it is PVC venetian blinds that you need for your applications or PVC vertical blinds, Matts Corner has got all covered for you. In using our blinds there is so much you can look forward to. For example, you can control the amount of light you need for your outdoors or living space. You can also maintain your privacy without ever having to compromise on the beauty and decor of your place. Our seer variety in blinds means you have to worry about nothing.

Where can you use our blinds?

Our blinds are extremely flexible and can be used for your applications easily. Whether you need them for outdoors or in your living space, our blinds are perfect for all applications. In fact, you can use our blinds for your balconies, gardens, food courts, open restaurants and many other places with ease. Our PVC window blinds can be used across all kinds of windows. What’s more, you can even have blinds custom made through our experts to make sure your needs are well addressed.

Matts Corner designs and develops all its blinds with extreme care and with attention to details so you are sure to get your money’s worth in choosing us your blinds provider. Try us out today and you will find out why we are among the most trusted blinds provider in the market today.

PVC Blinds Will Do The Trick

PVC blinds are a must have feature at your place as they serve you in more than one way. For example, a PVC blind will protect you from harsh sunlight and ensures your privacy, in a way no other feature can assure you. Matts Corner has been a leader in the market providing you a wide range of PVC clear blinds of different sizes and colors. It does not matter where you intended to use these blinds; you can have clear PVC blinds ordered through us.

Matts Corner carefully choose the quality of materials in developing its products so you can be sure that your outdoor PVC blinds will do the trick for you for a long time to come. Our PVC exterior blinds are truly one-of-a-kind. This is because they will make you feel safe and secure in your living space under all conditions. It will be you who will decide what can pass through your living space and what will not. You will also realize that our PVC outdoor blinds are excellent to keep your living space cool all through the year and therefore help you reduce on air conditioning costs considerably.

Advantages with our PVC vertical blinds

  • Helps maintain your privacy under all conditions
  • Our transparent PVC sheets will ensure enough light will pass through your living area
  • Available in different sizes, colors and designs to match the existing decor of your place
  • Helps maintain coolness at your place
  • Our transparent PVC blinds are long lasting, flexible and strong

Where can you use PVC transparent blinds?

Our blinds can be used across a number of applications. If you run a café, you can make use of our PVC cafe blinds, for example. Similarly, you can consider using our blinds for the windows and balconies of your living space. Our choices in PVC blinds for balcony will take you by surprise! Other areas where you can use the blinds are – car sheds, apartments, food courts, open restaurants, gardens, sea-facing resorts, and so on

What about the availability?

Matts Corner has been in the business of blinds for several decades now and runs well established units across multiple countries, including Pan India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, South Africa, Middle Eastern Countries and many more. You will easily be able to locate one of our friendly and eager to help PVC profiles suppliers in your area. Being responsible and experienced PVC suppliers in your region, we also make sure to provide reliable and round-the-clock after sales service as well.

Matts Corners takes pride in providing PVC venetian blinds, PVC roller blinds and many other types customized to meet your demands. All you need to do is contact our PVC blinds outdoor specialist who can guide in making the right choice.

Now you can place an order for PVC blinds online! Whilst you can choose from a wide range of outdoor PVC blinds online, our experts will guide you through your requirements in a manner you are comfortable with. We are among the best PVC transparent sheet suppliers and our services and products will speak for themselves. PVC transparent sheet manufacturers like us are worth your money and time. Try us today and you will know why!

Wooden Venetian Blinds

If you are looking to add a touch of nature or the beauty of the outside world to your living space then consider using wooden venetian blinds that are designed and developed by one of the most experienced and trusted blinds provider in your region – Matts Corner. Our wooden blind is special and will surely help you control the flow of light into your living space whilst maintaining your privacy. And do not worry, we make sure to keep your needs in mind and will design and develop these blinds accordingly. [/vc_column_text]

You are free to check out wooden blinds online and check out the materials, design and color before zeroing on one of them. Our experts are available you to assist you with your needs at a short notice. Whether it is a wooden rolling shutter or wooden window shutters, we have the widest possible selection ready for you. The best part in using these blinds is that they can be employed at your home or office and give each of these places a sophisticated and earthy looks that will be hard to replicate using any other blind type.

Benefits in using our wooden venetian blind

  • Guaranteed wide choices in blinds
  • Allows right amount of light to pass through whilst ensuring privacy
  • Easy integration with any type of décor – contemporary, chic or minimal
  • Provides a touch of woody or earthy feeling to your place
  • Can be used across homes and offices
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Made of high quality bass wood to give you a look that is naturally refined
  • Available in motorized and manual forms
  • Wooden blinds available in 50mm and 35mm slats which are available with double and single cord operations

Advantage Matts Corner

When you choose to have your wooden roller blinds from Matts Corner you are giving yourself every possible chance to keep your place stylish, elegant and free from prying eyes. Matts Corner has been in the business of blinds for several decades and has the necessary technology, manpower and materials to make sure you get the blinds or wooden shutters you always aspired for. Our role does not end in merely providing you reliable, strong and durable products within your budget, being a committed provider of blinds and screens, we see to it that you are provided adequate after sales support through our highly talented and friendly technicians

Get your wooden window blinds today!

Finding the right blind for your window or balcony is not difficult at all. With Matts Corner you will not only get the type of blind you have been looking for but also have plenty of choices in them. We are now present across a number of countries including, Pan India, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East countries and many more. When it comes to blinds, there is only one name you can trust and use it for life – Matts Corner. Visit us anytime or talk to our experts today and find out how our blinds can transform your living space!